After 21 months of court proceedings against former PAP grassroot leader and tour guide, Yang Yin, pent up emotions came to a boil today as Yang Yin came face to face with the very woman he had defrauded in court today, wealthy widow Madam Chung Khin Chun.

Coming face to face with his benefactor and victim in court today, Yang became agitated and lunged suddenly towards the widow in what looked like an attempt to attack her, but was restrained by security. While struggling to break free, he shouted in Mandarin, “Think about it!”

Yang is accused of cheating the old widow of over $40 million worth of cash and assets. His crimes were exposed in September 2014 when the widow’s niece reported his misdeeds to the police.

Since the initial police report was made against Yang Yin in September 2014, Yang has been incarcerated at Changi prison. Yang and Madam Chung have not seen each other since August.

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