Dear ASS Editors,

I bought 2 XiaoMi power bank from CEE 2016, thinking that they are real since it’s under a huge XiaoMi banner. No harm in getting two of those at a discount right?

Wrong. Apparently, I cannot find the XiaoMi authentication code (20-25 numbers) on the packaging at all, and decided to contact XiaoMi. My fears were confirmed when their representative told me on the phone that there is no official XiaoMi exhibition in CEE 2016. Further emails and calls proved useless to contact their higher ups, so I left their (rather useless) tech support and contacted CEE 2016’s Facebook page via message. When that did not work, I sent an email to the email provided in their Facebook page ([email protected]).

Apparently, CEE 2016 does not treat this as much of a matter, either. After a few correspondences with their rep June, I realised that they are just treating this as another refund case, and wanted me to go to their warehouse and return their goods for refund! I don’t get why both Xiaomi and the CEE reps refused to take charge of a nation-wide IT show selling fake goods; it’s appalling to know that such is the attitude of the people hosting this event.

A.S.S. Contributor

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