Dear Mr. CEO, Greetings! I Have something to bring to your attention.

I walked into your Samsung customer service Centre at Plaza Singapura on the 12th of May 2016 at 12.39pm, to send My Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for servicing. As per protocol you needed me to do the back-up of my mobile device which was not done upon the time of walk in. So i then proceeded to do the back-up, however the device only allows back-up to be done via Wi-Fi. I then connect to your Wi-Fi to do the Back-up as requested. Having had tons of important data on my device. Including all my work contacts and contracts. The back up took time.

Your service centre has a service provided where there are ‘lockers’ with unique Pin codes for charging of products from your company. I was happy that such a service is provided as that was what i needed exactly. I then left my Phone with my otterbox casing and 128gb memory card along with my ipad , notebook and paper bag containing the Phone box in the‘locker’ whilst connected to your Wi-Fi so as to do the Back-Up requested for.

I took my leave to run some errands. And return at 3.30pm to check if everything has been Backed- up. But it was not completed yet and still needed time. So i replied some of my messages and left if back in the locker to charge while being backed – up. I left at 3.50pm to the bank, a level up from the service centre and returned at 4.20pm to check on the status of the phone. This time when i returned to open the locker with my belongings, only to find that my unique pin would not get the ‘locker’ to open.

Astonished and embarrassed by the loud beeping sound coming from the locker due to multiple failed attempts to open it. i then approached a staff for assistance. With ‘extreme politeness’ staff waddles over (Lim YU Yang) to assist in opening the ‘locker’. Much appreciated up until i realized that my phone is MISSING from the ‘locker with unique pin code’. Alarmed, i then alert the staff about my missing phone, strangely enough, my other belongings including an iPad was still intact.

Lim Yu Yang informs Manager on duty of customer service (Alan Chong), Alan then approaches me to find out what has happened. And i relate events occurred as above. Alan then proceeds to check the CCTV on what actually happened.

After close to an hour. Alan returns with findings that , Staff (Guo Haur) had apparently opened ‘locker’ for another customer that was seated in the waiting area without asking for proof that locker was his to be opened in the first place, and that customer walks out of store with his device and his newly retrieved device due to the help of Guo Haur. And apparently that customer is a regular there just to charge his phone, so they know his face but not his name.

I then calmly tell Alan, “okay fine, now that this has happened what do you plan to do?”. Alan takes a five minute thinker and informs me to lodge a police report. i hesitated, as not wanting Guo Haur to be blacklisted in the company and law. I then offer Alan to settle this internally if possible without involving the law to protect Guo Haur. However offer was rejected. So i called the police and they arrive an hour and a half later. Taking statements of all parties. Police then asked Alan, Guo Haur and me if we could go somewhere more discreet to discuss further. Offer was rejected by the Alan , saying “customer is to sit outside while Alan, Guo Haur and police proceeded to a store room to discuss further”.

I then take a seat once again and wait. Half an hour goes pass and police proceeds out to continue taking statement from me and informs me that police will do their investigations and asked me to wait while Alan and Guo Haur are discussing on how to compensate me for the lost of items which was fault of Guo Haur employed by Samsung.

Fair enough, hearing that i would be compensated for my loss, i proceeded to take a seat again while discussions went on between them. One solid hour later Guo Haur, approaches me to ask for my mobile number. I was dumbstruck as to what number to provide staff with when my device was just STOLEN. Guo Haur realizes his mistake and corrects himself by asking for a contact number i would be reachable by. i then gave him the number of my mother. And asked why do u need the number anyway?Guo Haur then replies, to inform you on what happens after the investigation.. So no compensation or temporary replacement of device lost by samsung??????? I then asked him to call his manager ( Callista Tan), as apparently his manager is not alan as he is from the sales side. He spoke to her on the phone (as she was not present) infront of me numerous times and i asked him to pass me the phone but he told me she refuses to talk to me. Conclusion of the day they ask me to go home and they will call me with an update. I left there at 7.30pm. 7 hours.

Couple of days went by and i had no reply from the police and samsung. When it was clear cut everything on the cctv was captured. That Guo Haur opened the locker for someone else to take the phone. So on the 16th i wanted to call for an update, and realised that i do not have the service centres number and it cannot be found online as well. So i call the hotline and related all the events as above that happened again. They promised a call back within 24Hours. No call was received.

My mother then proceeds to email the customer service and CEO on the 25th may 2016. No reply is received from the CEO and customer service replies on the 26th and 27th. WIth no updates as well saying they will look into the matter. Today the 27th of May 2016 a day before my birthday i receive a call from Guo Haur saying he received an email from Yvonne Ling telling him to give me a call and acknowledge that the investigations is still ongoing.

I am SHOCKED by the way samsung is handling this . i have been a faithful follower of samsung using the Galaxy S4, S5, S6 edge and now S7 edge.

Because of this i have suffered numerous losses. And yet to have an update besides that investigations is still ongoing 15 days from date of theft.

Sir, Now you tell me would you be happy with what has transpired above????? I await your response.

Note: Samsung staff should be sent for customer service training.


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