Dear ASS,

I am a resident of Bedok Reservoir-Punggol and would like to call nationwide attention to the dubious ‘work’ of the PA appointed PAP lame duck “grassroots advisors” whose role it seems is not only to undermine the duly Elected MPs for the area but to also beef up their support bank among the PR foreigners in the hope they’ll vote for the “Party Against People” (PAP) during the next elections due in 2020!

I approached Victor Lie earlier in the year to voice an issue I have with the presence of large foreign nationals moving into BRP and the uncivilized habits they bring along with them into our neighborhoods that is affecting our Singaporean way of life. Victor Lie not only did not bother to act on the feedback but on the contrary, he seems to be more concerned about foreigners’ well-being instead and even posted in his FB last month that we are being “prejudice” after paying a visit to that family.

Undeterred, I recently installed a CCTV to monitor corridor activities as crime rates in my area is always on the high side, in addition to a suspicion I have of an Indian family (who works in our healthcare line) abusing their huge dog at the corridor way, I was so shocked that the family reacted adversely to my installation that ensures safety. They complained to the Aljunied Town Council which ordered me to remove the security camera immediately. In spite of this, I stood my ground as I believe it is for the good of all that I have done.

What really surprised me more is that even our Opposition run Town Council is afraid of them and does their bidding too. If this is the beginning of life post GE 2015 and BE 2016, I do not know what more I can expect when these people freely receive our citizenship without any public scrutiny nor the requirement to pass English as the working language! #Now is the time

Xue Xiang
A.S.S. Contributor

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