Hi ASS Admin,

The Ministry of Education has really got to make up their mind on the definition of “holiday”. When you give students 2 assignments, a project, and loads of other homework and having to revise for a damn test ON THE WEEK after June Holidays is over, is that really a holiday, or more of a “home based learning” or “study-at-home month”? Because that’s what I think would be a more appopriate name for this period of “holidays”.

Of course, I wouldn’t implicate my school in this, because I know that it is not their fault and just trying to keep up with the silly education system in Singapore which I won’t go too in depth on.

Now, I do understand that there has to be a work-play balance. But when there is too much homework to accomodate for sufficient rest/play, I don’t think that is a balance. I want to voice my opinion out, so as to inform everyone that something has to be changed. Its either just no homework, and play all day during the holidays, or a balance of homework and play time.

I would prefer the latter, as having a holiday does not mean that studying is over, but we’ll see how it goes, as MOE and schools try to discuss and settle this issue of too much homework for the child to sufficiently get his/her well deserved break for the holidays. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Yours sincerely,
A student

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