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Amos Yee was arrested for hurting the religious feelings of Muslims and Christians in Singapore. Do you know after his arrest, an angmoh youtube star took issue with Amos Yee’s arrest and started an online campaign demanding the Singapore Govt to drop all charges against Amos Yee. He threatened to humiliate the DPP in charge of prosecuting Amos and gave him 5 days to drop all charges against Yee.

The youtuber called Cult of Dusty ( followed up on his threats and dug for public information on DPP Kelvin Kow. He make numerous insults against DPP Kow and threatened to go nuclear on him. Will the PAP go soft on Amos Yee because of this external intervention on Amos’s behalf?

Here are some examples of his threats towards DPP Kow found on Twitter (

“Is there any bigger coward or dishonhorable piece of shit than a man who would put a kid in jail for hurting people’s feelings?

Now that I know for sure I have Kelvin Kow’s attention, you have 5 days to drop all charges against @amosyee or we go nuclear on you.

Lol! The Deputy Public Prosecutor of Singapore, Kelvin Kow, deleted his “Linked In” account after I announced I was going to humiliate him.

Just found Deputy Public Prosecutor Kelvin Kow’s “Linked In” account. We are going to crucify this dickless fuck.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Kelvin Kow in Singapore seems to be the cock in charge of prosecuting this kid. Im going to make an example of him.

Kelvin Kow, who arrests kids for sharing Youtube vids, is such dishonorable trash that noone should EVER have a son like this.”

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