The Assistant Returning Officer has filed police reports against socio-political website The Independent Singapore (TISG), CPF activist Roy Ngerng and Teo Soh Lung for publishing online articles to supporter Opposition candidate Dr Chee Soon Juan during Cooling Off Day and Polling Day during the recent Bukit Batok By-election.

The ARO said TISG, Mr Ngerg and Ms Teo were entities or individuals who regularly engage in the discussion and propagation of political issues, hence they should be held accountable and responsible for what they publish.

On Cooling Off Day and Polling Day TISG published:

“5 highlights of DPM’s speech – Tharman wants to debate with Chee, but not in Parliament”

“Workers’ Party and the Bukit Batok by-election – What the WP members said”

“Tan Cheng Bock denies involvement in posting by irrational group of PAP fans”

Ms Teo Soh Lung published 4 FB posts calling Singaporeans to support Dr Chee Soon Juan.

Mr Roy Ngerng published a Facebook post calling for submissions for his “I believe in Chee Soon Juan” campaign

The Elections Department define “election advertising” as any material posted on a platform intended to “enhance the standing of, or promote electoral success for, an identifiable party or candidate”.

For flouting Cooling-Off Day and Polling Day rules, the trio face fines of up to $1,000 or jailed up to 12 months.

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