Dear A.S.S,

Empt pet bottles, food packages and even shattered pieces from a supposedly glass bottle that got onto the running track. That was the aftermath of a soccer game by students from Bedok South Secondary School and Dunman Secondary School at the Singapore University of Technology and Design’s track and field. What was even more appalling was their attitude of self-entitlement that there will be a cleaner to clean up their mess as they
left the facility non-chalantly without telling any of the security staff and have any due consideration for the other users of the University’s facility.

We often make use and are grateful to the school for opening up their track and field for public use and wish not, because of such frequent misbehaviour that may cause the school to ban public users thereafter. These students ought to feel ashamed of themselves that we young adults voluntarily have to help the cleaner auntie to clear their rubbish for them, especially those shattered glass pieces on the tracks, note that there are also young children playing on the track and they may cut and injured themselves due to their irresponsible behaviour.

The respective schools ought to educate their students on proper responsible behaviour in public and their responsibility to create a litter-free environment for everyone. The students, or should I say culprits, ought to come personally to SUTD and apologise to the cleaner and the facility management.

SUTD Facility user,
A.S.S contributor

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