Yesterday near Sembawang station, an MRT worker was shocked by 750 volts of electricity when he was measuring the height and distance of the third rail. SMRT said that the victim accessed the live sector without seeking prior approval. As a result, the worker in his twenties sustained electrical burn injures to his left hand. Fortunately he survived the accident.

This is the first serious lapse in SMRT safety since the tragic Pasir Ris accident where 2 trainees were killed on the track they were working on.

SMRT explanation of the latest incident as follows:

“Three SMRT staff, along with two contractors, were on the track by the platform of Sembawang MRT station to conduct maintenance work during engineering hours.

“One of the contractors was using a third-rail gauging bar to measure the height and distance of the third rail from the running rail, to ensure the correct positioning of the third rail, which supplies power to the trains. While carrying this out, the contractor sustained a burn injury to his left hand.

The necessary approval was given to the team to access the track for the maintenance work. Our findings show that the contractor proceeded to an adjacent sector instead, for which prior approval had not been sought and where the traction power had not been switched off.”

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