Heard my father’s taxi story, so apparently there was an indian guy who was very smelly and no taxis wanna fetch him (they just drove by), which left the man in a really depressed state as he wanted to get home but only had $5, he didn’t know how to take public transport to his house. However, my dad couldn’t leave him behind and went to ask abt his situation, that guy was hospitalized due to some accidents, couldn’t stay in the hosp (probably because he doesn’t have money) and despite knowing he had no money, he fetched him anw to his house and even gave him a $5. That indian guy complimented my dad in front of his family (pointing to him and saying he’s a nice guy) and kept thanking him, wishing him well in life.

Another time, my dad picked up a poor elderly couple and before they left the taxi, they were counting coins after coins (the taxi fare was $8.50) but they only had $6, he insisted on them not paying and asked them to be careful.

But other times, some of the customers would give him tips because of his good attitude/service.

I feel that some of the greatest rewards in life are not countable, not money not gifts but instead is the warmth/compliments/generousity provided by another person. And sometimes, what comes around goes around. What’s impt is not calculating every little thing in life, but to give the little things in life to ppl. Thanks dad for reminding me

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