My mom go and look through my dad’s phone then found out my dad is having a conversation with one lady and the lady got send him nude pics and they send flirty messages. Then my mom cried and told me to keep it a secret until the time is right for her to talk to him.

I dont know wad to do also, so confused. I dont even know how to confront my dad also.

Yea I hope my mum would pretend nothing happen. Can understand why my dad cheat on her. It’s a men thing, need to release and sometimes have to go outside find chix all those, but im pissed off at him for doing it

They have been married for 20 years or so. Now around 50+ years old. Dunno why my dad go n cheat at his age…

I hope there’s no divorce. It will be very hard for the family later on. It would be great if my dad would apologise, honest mistake never do again anymore and my mom pretend nothing had happen and move on.

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