‘Do we expect too much of ordinary Singaporeans?’

A question not many ask. And when it is asked (albeit in slightly different forms), one would get the answer: ‘there is no free lunch’, ‘we need to be exceptional to survive’, or ‘we need to guard our jobs.’

So basically, no. The answer is we do not expect too much from Singaporeans.

But when a Minister falls sick, these same people say our Ministers work too hard and we expect too much of them! When all these while, it is the Ministers themselves who say that we must expect the highest standards from any elected official. Remarkable.

Minister Heng is one of the nicest persons around, and we all wish well for him and his family. And i do not deny at all that our ministers do work extremely hard. What we do not need to do, however, is have different standards for the elites and commoners. One cannot express sympathy for well-paid public officials’ long hours, and at the same time do not bother about a security guard’s schedule, and not appear hypocritical.

A society that has one standard for the powerful and another for the powerless, is not one we should be proud of, nor aspire toward.

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