A female friend of mine(17 this year) went to work at a famous hotel in orchard to work as a waitress (Banquet) on 15 may 2016. There she met her worst nightmare.

She asked the manager to hold on to the napkin. When she tried to get back the napkin, the manager asked her hows she gonna repay him. My friend asked what he want. He replied that he would like a blowjob from her. My friend felt angry but dont know what to do and didnt want to make it a awkward situation so she asked him to remove his pants immediately in front of everybody and walked off.

After a few hours when everyone is to collect the dishes the manager asked her to move to a back alley where there were no cctv or people. My friend followed him thinking its work related. When they reach the back alley the manager look around and suddenly pushed my friend to the wall and hugged her, shifting his hands to her face trying to kiss her. My friend was stunned and tried to resist. She then shouted for help but no one came she pushed him away hardly and ran off. She then left the hotel. She felt disgusted and helpless. She scroll thru her contact and called for help. She told me the story and i suggested her to report it to the police but shes afraid that people would think that shes a slut. She then went home.

Shes having nightmare every night wanting to kill herself and is afraid to leave home now. I called up the agency and told them what happen. The agency called the hotel and investigate this case but was called off because there were insufficient evidence. The manager declined doing such things and was only given a warning while my friend is having a trauma now.

This is to spread awareness for ladies working in this industry. The hotel is a popular and established hotel in Orchard. You have been warned.

Concerned Friend
A.S.S. Contributor

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