Yes, I guess by the standards of all pre-teen twilight books, he was. He’d leave a giant body of text on whatsapp every 11:11 on the dot every single day, twice a day. I guess some girls would be into that, but I have a philosophy where if you did something too much it’d lose its meaning, which those messages did.

He’d wait for me for my lectures to end everyday (even if it meant waiting 4 hours) to bring me home, and he lived right next to school while I lived 1 hour away by public transport. He’d force himself to pay for all my food etc. I broke up with him eventually, though, his over-affection drove me insane.

I needed the breathing space and although what he did would be perceived as romantic, it wasn’t to me because that’s not how I want (or need) to be loved. I need to be independent and free and he was too traditional with gender roles to let me be independent or give me space.

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