Dear A.S.S,

Are you able to share regarding about my friends story that is currently been cheat by a renovation contractor. Name TANSRI SHAHRUL. I’m doing this for my friends behalf .

So let me share. My friends have taken a renovation contractor from XTREME HANDYMAN. And she’s was told that she have to put a downpayment of $1500. And so she did. Well after all the agreement have make. Theres some horrible nightmare. Guess what the contractor ran away and he did half way. My friend gave him a chance, but too bad his misuse the chances. They was so mad . The contractor OFF His phone, block her from the FB and even trying to run away .He even have CCTV outside his house tho. Yes . They managed to get him . But theres only twice . He promise to refund, they waited, waited , waited, and waited . No respond and sign of message given by him. And theres no $1500 have been refunded yet by the contractor, He suppose to refund them by Monday 23 May 2016 before 6PM

Well on that particular day , there’s another victim have been also cheat by this contractor . But is difference company now .EXTREME RENOVAID & MAINTENANCE CO. This poor victim have been paid of amount $4400 in total and the house key have not be returned yet. He block her from FB, off his phone.

Hi all singapore stuff , i hope you could help us to share and spread the mesage .


A.S.S Contributor

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