I’m a Singaporean and have been in NZ for the past almost 5 years. I have traveled extensively prior to coming to NZ and never have I seen any other country that exhibits such ridiculous behaviors! Imagine turning on the TV and the ads are showing you that 1) Violence is Not ok, 2) Do not ever shake a baby, 3) People drinking and driving, 4) People speeding recklessly and the list goes on. The ongoing consistent messages out there truly reflects the dire circumstances of the social behaviors of the Kiwis.

In addition, basic literacy rate is quite poor. I just about to tear my hair out when people spell “Masters Ave” as “maRster’s ave”, “there” spelled as “their” and if you add an up-size fries to a burger meal, they totally lost count of how much they need to pay! So REALLY, send your kids here to study.

And yes, jobs are extremely hard to find here and if you are so lucky to get one, be prepared for the large amount of taxes you have to pay. If you earn between NZ$14,001 to NZ$48,000/year (which is most likely for many people), your tax rate is 21% (excluding ACC levy). Well in SG, you will have to earn 6 times more ie: SG$320,000 (which is about NZD$322,328 at today’s exchange rate) before you are tax at 21%. How good is that?!

NZ Tax rate: http://www.ird.govt.nz/how-to/taxrates-codes/itaxsalaryandwage-incometaxrates.html
SG Tax Rate: http://www.iras.gov.sg/irasHome/page04.aspx?id=1190

PS: oh by the way, your taxes are paying for those people who are on benefits, as well as those that are drinking from 9am in the morning to 10pm at night, the ones that yell at you to “go back to china” (they have no idea of other countries except for england, australia and south africa.. did i mention china?), the ones that NEED to have a cigarette break EVERY 30 minutes while you slog on and on at work, not to mention legal aid for the Kiwis who just happened to be drunk or “mentally unstable” and decide to torch your car for no reason other than they just did!

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