With regards to the video posted by Mainumah Mohadi that went viral.

First of all, I sincerely apologize for the seemingly harsh actions made during the discipline process. I’d like to clarify that during the whole process, I have full control over the strength to make sure the Husky is not hurt. This morning, 23rd May 2016, Monday, at approximately 0900hrs to 1000hrs, the Husky had a fight with the Golden Retriever after their routine morning walk. My helper then tried to stop them from biting each other and the Husky starts growling at my helper and attempted to charge and attack her. Upon hearing my helper’s screaming for help, I immediately went to the backyard when I see the Husky attempted to attack my helper. I started off with pouring ice cold water on the Husky in an attempt to divert his attention to stop the fight but to no avail. Then I start to separate the fight using the wheelbarrow method from the back. Having stopped the fight, the Husky still continue growling at my helper and the Golden Retriever and still wishes to charge at my helper. In a moment of anxiety, I then resorted to such an action.

This issue has created a distress to my family members with harassment from private messages and via social media platforms. Henceforth, a police report has been made to ensure safety to my family members.

I have so far been helping dogs in senior age, with health problems and behavioral issues. Having a number of such dogs under my foster care, I have given up many of my lifestyles and devoted most of my time on them including moving to a more spacious place. As all dog rescuer/dog owners know that time is needed for dog to adapt in a new environment. During this time, new behavioral issue will surface up, unfortunately in this case, applies to the Husky.

During this span of time after I’ve moved here, I have received neighbors’ complaints because of the number of dogs despite my efforts to reduce the barking and maintaining the cleanliness. I’d also like to add on to my clarification that I am not a certified dog trainer.

AVA has visited my place and brought the Husky to SPCA for assessment checks for injuries. They will be conducting X-Ray and routine checks. The case has been passed over to the relevant authorities to conduct their investigations. As the case has been handled over to the authorities, please approach them if you require any further information. Lastly, please leave my family members out of this matter. Thank you.

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