Hi, I am writing to you to report of a very nasty FT that drove recklessly on our road, but importantly, showing me his middle finger, which was totally absurd and unacceptable in Singapore. Worst, we cannot do anything to these people…sad…Do refer to the pics and attached video.

This happened at 10.20am Wednesday morning along Clementi Road. This black Audi was zooming in between lanes and when i got next to him, he showed me the ultimate nasty gesture and performed emergency brake to create accident. He looks much much bigger than me and I did not manage to stop to confront him. However, I went to consult the police and they told me that i can “choose” to report. “Sir is up to u whether u want to report him or not”…What has become to our guardians of the people? Why are we condoning such dangerous driving behaviour on the road? Why do we allow such arrogant FT to be endangering our roads?

Can someone advise what should we do when this happen to us on the road? Legally, is it wrong to show the middle gesture to another driver regardless?

A.S.S. Contributor

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