Dear Editors,

This guy…. big hand for you!! You have won urself a trophy for Snoring marathon. He has reach level 1000 for adding sound effects for my x-men show causing X-men to be a comedy.. Snoring all e way from movie start till the end.. he even choked on his saliver afew times n it was so badly that the people beside him siam far far away but his choke didnt wake him up, he continued sleeping..

At e end of the show, i tried to wake him up.. at first was gentle, slowly to vigorously but still, he is snoring… i even shake the whole chair n he is still snoring.. I think he haven reach his marathon finish line… well, I’ve tried my best waking him up n i failed. I shall let the theatre staff to wake him up then.. think he over exhusted himself… hahaha no offense but just super funny.

A.S.S. Contributor

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