Dear Editors,

My mother made a visit to the Hanis at Eastpoint outlet today and purchased 5 curry puffs @ $18. All of which were MOULDY. This matter can be detrimental to the health of all customers and in worse cases, life threatening should people with weak GI tracts consume such products. This also proves the lack of responsibility of the staff to make sure that all items sold are fresh and to check the quality of the items sold. Clearly, the items have been left on the shelf for atleast a good 3-5 days before it can turn moudly.

How can items be even left on the shelf for so long that it turns mouldy with a strong pungent smell, similar to rotting cheese. This shows that no efforts are put in to ensure that the items sold are checked and replenished. The receipt has been misplaced on my part, but attached are images as proof. I am not able to attain an email address, nor get throught to ANY of the Hanis outlets contact number as I wanted to get back to them as soon as I discovered this.

The only fortunate thing that came out of this was that I managed to take the first bite before serving it to others in the family and also, to be able to discover this unwanted incident that has been a form of lack of responsibility on Hanis’ part. As a food provider, although the possibility may have been overlooked, things may prove to be life threatening should a lack of responsibility exist, as many customers patron your shops and depend on you to fill their stomachs.

Hope this matter will be looked into and as a warning to all out there, always taste your food first before consuming them all at once!

A.S.S. Contributor

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