Dear A.S.S,

I came back from on the 20th August 2015, flight 3K210 from Jakarta on seat 30C. I always book 30C whenever I travel to Jakarta on Jetstar I had my wallet in my back pocket and I always feel the uncomfortable bulge and as usual I put in in the back nettings of the my front seat. This is where you put your brochures and stuff. It is in seat 30B.

Upon arrival, I disembarked and forgot to retrieve until when I am out of the plane and when i try to go back, I couldn’t find the plane. I asked for help from the security people and they are not of any help and asked me to go to the information counter.

So I went to the information counter and there again i was asked to go to the Jetstar counter where 2 ladies were there and I asked for help. I know it is late (past 11 pm) and the ladies seems to be rushing off but the wallet is important to me. My NRIC, my important cards a few hundred dollars and some Indo rupiahs. They just pointed me to go to loss and found.

I went straight to loss and found and fill up a form and telling that lady that the wallet is where I have placed it. She told me to leave a contact number behind and will call me back. She also said she will send an email out to Jetstar immediately.

But for almost a month I have yet to hear anything. I have tried calling many times but no one pick up the call.

On the 23rd evening i actually went to the information counter and the counter lady was very helpful. She listen and tried calling the loss and found but she says no one is picking up the call.

Specifically I told the Jetstar lady that i know where my wallet is. Why can’t she just call anyone that has access to the plane and check it for me.

It is not that I have dropped it somewhere. I know specifically where it is and the entire services from all the ground staff is so unprofessional.

Only after a month, then they call to say my wallet cannot be found.


After several emails which most of the replied as “OUT OF OFFICE”. Finally one replied and tried to give me a $100 voucher.

They can go use the voucher and fly to hell themselves.

This will be my last flight ever. Cheap flights (not really cheap) cheap service. You pay peanut you get monkeys.

I don’t like the loss and found lady’s attitude either. She also seems to try finish everything and go home.

And another stupid thing is I did not ask for a report on claim I did from the loss and found lady.

One thing if you are late for 5 minutes and they tell you you have missed the flight.

But such things they can take weeks to respond.

Thank you

Allan Tang
A.S.S Contributor

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