Amos went down from his house in Jurong at around 3pm to find 3 police officers camping at the void deck downstairs. Once spotted, they immediately went up and handcuffed him.

The police brought Amos back to his house as many members of the public looked anxiously at poor handcuffed Amos, to his humiliation.

Without using the key that was taken from Amos, the police forcefully broke into the house. A concerned neighbor went up to the house and asked what was going on. The officer subsequently slammed the door on his face

Seeing that the house was filled with lots of boxes and stuff, the police officers called for assistance. 9 police officers searched through the entire 5 room flat for 3 hours.

Confiscated items include:

5 phones
7 laptops (1 of which is was Amos’ mother’s working laptop that had her prepared tuition notes inside and it significantly disrupted her work)
1 desktop computer
6 cameras
3 tripods

The police took approximately $16000 worth of items

When the police decided to send Amos back to the police station, they found an extra need to put plastic shackles on Amos’ arms, legs and around his body. They were very tight and Amos expressed discomfort but the officers refused to loosen them until quote ‘we are back at the station’. Once the shackles were loosened, there were noticeable bruises on both arms and legs.

In the police station, Amos was then subjected to a tedious and unbearable 57 question long interrogation in a cold room. ISP Doreen Chong asked questions like

‘what was your intention to post the picture of you showing the middle finger on the quran’
‘did you know that your words would offend people?’
‘what do you mean by halal-snorters?’

Amos found out that they had tracked every possibly offensive religious comment since mid december when he was issued the letter to compel to go for investigations

Amos expressed reluctance in answering the questions in between the interrogation. Another male officer then threatened Amos saying,, ‘if you don’t answer these questions, we can infer that to a different meaning and it will be to your disadvantage in court’.The session continued

Amos was then thrown into a cell.

hole on ground (toilet)
hole on wall with button beside (water comes out)

*no mats or sheets were given. Nothing was provided

Amos was so traumatised, he was unable to eat the entire day, during the 12 hours he was in the police station.

Amos is now out on 5k bail posted by his mother

Anybody who wants an interview contact Amos Yee at : +65 91681693 I promise I won’t slam the door on your face this time 😀

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