Dear A.S.S,

I boarded Mr William Goh’s SBS bus service 9 (SBS6785E) and just as I was about to plug my music in, I heard the bus captain exclaim, “next station, Tanah Merah Station!”, and subsequently for other bus stops as well.

He also greeted passengers boarding and disembarking

I was both puzzled and amazed.

This dude has definitely been to Japan!

In our society, saying hello to a stranger is uncommon what more a compliment.

So on behalf of my fellow citizens I went up to him and praised him for his outstanding act.

It is important to recognise and appreciate such positive attitudes if we want to improve Singapore’s service industry and retain talents like Mr William Goh, especially in a culture like Singapore, where our service industry differentiates greatly from service superiors such as Japan.

To SBS Transit, I hope you see this because we need more people like Mr William Goh.

To my friends, please share this so that Mr William Goh’s relatives and friends will know what an awesome person he is, and to assure him that his great work is appreciated.

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