27 year old colleague complain his pay not enough. This guy 2 year experience only, earning rough 5-6k but everyday complain money not enough. Ask him why not enough he say because he get married. Ok fair point.

He buy 5 room HDB resale at Matured estate close to $700k. Do full reno close to $100k. Flooring must do marble. Walls must breakdown. Kitchen need island because wife want island. Kitchen appliances must be branded like Miele. Buy oven $2k, dishwasher $3k, fridge $6k. They don’t do cooking. Can use the diswasher wash underwear.

Honeymoon spent almost $15k. Every year must go travel at least twice, to some exotic place like Maldives.

Clothes must tailor make because must be fitted to look good. But face cb is cannot change. I don’t know how to tell him. Cut hair also spend at least $50, every 2 weeks. Sign up for gym membership at VirginActive, really asking for it.

This type of kkj, will you pity him?

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