I’m very good at my job – I love teaching, was a ministry scholar, have often presented nationally, won awards for my projects, produce great results, am loved by my students, etc. However, I’m really burnt out from the people around me and don’t feel I’m a good fit for the education service. There isn’t much growth as many teachers in my school lack innovation and passion, and are super political and backstabbing to boot. Being around the children is also heavily circumscribed now; for example, I was recently told off for playing football with a group including students of the opposite gender.

I would really appreciate some advice on moving out of my job. My bond is over and I can leave with impunity, but I’m so inured to the civil service that I can’t think of what to do. My degree is in the Humanities (which I now regret as I feel it limits my crossover potential). On the bright side, I write and speak very well, am quick to pick up new ideas and am really hardworking of course.

If anyone has any advice on job scopes I could move into, or any advice at all, I would be really grateful! I’m sorry if this post comes across entitled. Regardless of how it may seem, I’m very, very unhappy in the environment I’m in.

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