Dear Editors,

I made an aircon installation with Gain City in March due to the extremely hot weather. The weather was dry till recently when it starts to pour heavily. I then realized that rain water had actually seeped through and flooded my room from where the aircon unit was installed.

I made queries with Gain City but was to no avail and all they could do was to refer me to another person all the time, shifting responsibilities. There was no one person in charge of my case.

They finally got someone to come down to my unit for inspection and again shifted the responsibility citing that the cracks and holes on the wall was a result of inheritance and wear and tear instead of their poor workmanship. I had not experience any leakages since I bought the unit before the installation. I had also done similar installation in a much older unit and there were no leakage problems.

I made a posting on their facebook page about their bad customer service and to my dismay, my post was deleted and I was blocked by their admin. I am shocked by Gain City’s action as a service provider.

As a service provider, they should focusing on service recovery from a customer feedback instead of engaging in dodgy stuff like blocking customer from posting onto their facebook page and trying to hide their bad service/review from the public

Ricky Li
A.S.S. Contributor

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