My name is Rajeswari D/O Venkatanarasu and this is my story prior to all the
other cases I’ve heard about KKH.

On 30th March, I decided to go down to see my family doctor at Hougang after
suffering irregular menstruation since start of February. I had an ultra
sound done with my family doctor. My doctor found out that my uterine walls
had been thickening at 30mm that time. He already mentioned that if any other
patient came in with the walls as thick as 20mm, he would immediately send
them to the hospital to get a dilation and curettage(d&c) done. Basically it
is a procedure to remove tissue from inside the uterus. My doctor referred me
to KKH.

The next day I went down to A&E at 1558hours. The Doctors informed me that
the heavy bleeding was normal as I was about to menopause. They inserted a
speculum and they gave me injection and medication to stop the bleeding.
Urine test and blood test was done. They gave me an appointment on 20th April
for review. Between 31st march to 20th April, my pain did not cease and the
medication did not help either. I had to change 10-13 pads a day. Instead of
going for my appointment, I went to KKH O&G. The same procedure was done;
speculum, injection, medication, urine test and blood test. A d&c was also
done. I insisted to get admitted on that day. They told me to wait for my
blood test result and mean while sent me for ultra sound and hysteroscopy
which basically is a vaginal scan. After putting a lot of pressure on the
staff about my pain and bleeding, they admitted me. I stayed at the hospital
only to be discharged 2 days later. A bag full of medications were only

I was still in such severe pain that the day after being discharged, I went
back to get admitted again at 1pm. Again, the same procedure was done;
speculum, injection, medication, urine test and blood test. Doctor told me
that everything seemed fine with the results and I could return home. I told
the staff that I will not leave till I get admitted. I told them that I was
just going to stay in the O&G till they admit me. The staff went to speak to
a senior consultant and came back with the news I wanted,to get admitted.
This time, I had a blood transfusion done. Again, sent back home with
medications and the same pain. It was 25 April that day, the nurses informed
me that my operation will be on 6 June because they have no operation
theatres available till then.

My concern is, knowing my diagnosis which is Adenomyosis, why was did I not
get an earlier date? And what does KKH mean by “no operation theatres
available”? So I’m supposed to just suffer in my pain with medications which
don’t help till 6 June? KKH is a government hospital however why is it that
many patients are treated like this? This is not the first time I’ve seen a
post like this about KKH. So are you trying to tell me that only if I’m able
to fork out few hundred thousand dollars, then you will immediately give me
attention? So if I pay with all these medical saving schemes that the
government has introduced to us Singaporeans and go to a government hospital,
my operation will be delayed?

I want an apology from the hospital and also, a much earlier date to cease my

Mdm Rajeswari
A.S.S. Contributor

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