Hi Editors,

i would like to mention that , this bus driver of service 147 SBS8702G had a very bad attitude . First i boarded the bus at around 9:20am. I scanned my card and proceeded to a seat. Thereafter, he mentioned he wanted to see what card i was using , i asked why but he just did not want to state the reason and just said, “i just want to see”, FOR WHAT?!

And when i refused to show him, because he does not want to state reason, he refused to drive off too. Hence, in order not to waste my time or anyone’s time further as i was already late, i just showed him, even i was pissed off. But when i told him that he got nothing to do he mumbled some words to himself.

Upon reaching clarke quay stn when he was about to drive off , two passengers came running and flagged , eventually , yes he did stop but however he mumbled something again , this time, he looked pissed too and was showing as if he was unhappy to stop. Mumbled something like “troublesome people, slow people” in chinese ( i could hear what he say as i was siting right behind him)

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