At jalan Bukit merah pick up a Malaysian wp holder going to masilin when reach woodland ave 3 he say turn right to woodlands ave 1 ard blk 307 he say stop and I feel he going to run without paying fare ($28.17) so before then I locked the door standby liao. He want open the door to escape I manage to hold him in time.

Then he start find money in his wallet after that he say he no money ask me wait he go take money. So I ask he to leave his phone or something to me but he refused. So I call up police and the police turn up abt 15-20 min time ( if he hit me or got weapons I die liao SPF turn up to slow) after the police turn up he ask for his ic and he hand over his work permit to the police and say that he stay at blk 329 and the police ask him got and $ to pay.

He say no so the police ask him to call friends to turn up and help but he cannot get anyone to help him. So after the police told him he will be summons if he dun pay for the fare. And the police tell me I have to go report to my company 1st then go file a police report and then go to LTA.

(Fxxking busy to do all Tis for summon him is it?) for me as night driver I sleep more important so after police telling him he will get summon he search his wallet again and he found $65 rigget and I accepted the offer and go off (2hrs) wasted.

LTA rules to summon Tis ppl too troublesome for taxi driver do u all agree? Why the police can’t just summon them?

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