Dear ASS,

My response on Tan Chuan Jin comment that “A minimum wage system would have the “inadvertent side effect” of causing some Singaporeans to lose their jobs. These companies may not be prepared to pay that wage level. We’ve seen that happening in other countries”

Looks like Tan Chuan jin has a GROSS misunderstanding of what minimum wage is, if you implement it companies cannot hire foreigners as a cheap alternative, which is the MAIN cause for our wages to be depressed.

If companies have a cheap alternative why would they want to pay Singaporeans a fair wage? A minimum wage sends a message to all businesses that if you want to earn money in Singapore, you don’t do it by exploiting the people in our country, local or not.

They most likely don’t want to implement minimum wages because our construction industry relies on cheap slave labour with workers having little to no rights, eating cheap shitty food provided by their companies and also face the risk of being sent back home when they get injured .

Construction should be an industry that benefits your citizens and not just businesses looking for third world people to exploit. But the common excuse is that Singaporeans won’t do these jobs. But come the fuck on, if you are getting paid $2.50 an hour doing backing breaking work how the hell can you afford to pay for your half a million dollar HDB flat?

This is why we need minimum wage, think about the jobs that will be open to Singaporeans if they paid a fair wage? A minimum wage ensures that no one working in your country can be exploited.

There’s also another excuse that a minimum wage will raise the cost of living, well your cost of living has been going up, for many shops and small business this is because of the high rentals that seem to keep going up with no reason other that “we can fucking do it, work harder slaves”

The problem is that our government believes in cheaper,faster and better, but all at the cost of the common man. It is always our fault for not working harder, not coping better, not spending less or not upgrading ourselves.

This is the attitude by our leaders that is holding Singapore back from being a proper first world country.

Ben M
A.S.S. Contributor

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