Dear ASS,

PAP MP Tin Pei Ling has too much time on her hands? She was spotted on Sunday roleplaying as coffee brewer, making coffee for her residents and going around chit chatting like some pop star while her ball licking grassroots follow her around like the obedient dogs.

This is her Facebook update on that La Kopi event as she called it.

“I took over the 头手 role at the kopitiam of Blk 121 Geylang East. This is a new engagement approach that I’m trying out and if residents enjoy it, we hope to do more. Over the span of slightly over an hour, I made 121 cups of Kopi/Teh/milo etc. So far, residents who tried said I passed! Heng ah!”

Does Miss Tin believe that be brewing cups of coffee for peasants living in Geylang, residents will think she is a peasant like us? She is an elite with a good life and we know it. No amount of wayang can change that elitist baggage she has.

Start working for your money and stop this wayang.

Jeffrey Lim
A.S.S. Contributor

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