Knowing ‘who’s right, who’s wrong’ in the Chiam- Chee saga of the 1990s does not make any difference to the lives of ordinary Singaporeans. Now, what would have really mattered is, if an opposition MP was forced to vacate his seat in Parliament because he was expelled by his Party. Which is what SDP tried to do almost 25 years ago to Chiam.

‘How would having one less critical voice in Parliament helped Singaporeans?’ That is the real question SDP’s leadership at that time failed to consider. Or perhaps they had. And if they had, who would have benefited the most if a by-election had been called in Potong Pasir because Chiam had to vacate his seat?

I am not very interested in what happened 25 years ago – regardless of if it is a ‘tell-all’ in a book or the release of old documents. Political parties’ internal squabbles may be juicy and tickle the ear – but they do very little (actually nothing at all) to improve the lives of Singaporeans.

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