A few months ago, mentioned this problem to one of our Jalan Besar GRC MP, about some unscrupulous scrap metal dealers, who strip old refrigerators under the MRT tracks late at night (10-12 midnight) between Lorong 17-23, then dumps the plastic containments in Sims Vista estate.

Late April, I saw 2 dumped there, NEA inspector hail by town council, were checking block by block for mosquitoes breeding spots, shared there were 3 dengue deaths to date in our estate. I told her about what I as a resident in this estate had seem, she says they have to catch them red-handed.

On 2nd May, being a Boxing Day, while out for a stroll, I saw 2 men stripping 2 large old refrigerators, of their metallic parts, preparing the container along the walk path opposite the terminal of bus #64 & #134. I call the police about this incident, waited for them, only to get a reply an hour later, that they have insufficient manpower to look into this.

Was advise to report to town council again, I’m very disappointed & sad to hear this. They are all ignoring the big elephant in the room, yet go house to house, to check for stagnant waters, when the big containers of water lay out in the open. As of today 2 weeks later, those dumped old fridge containers are still there. I did not wish to make a fuss, since 2 of my classmates living else where already had dengue & recovered fully from it.

But now Zika has reach our shores, yet our agencies are still playing Taiji, my wife & I are planning to have a child by next year, now seriously recon siding it, given the indifference of our civil servants.

Block 63

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