This girl call dao thi thuy hang from Vietnam long Thành .She will act naive, simple and innocent After befriending she use 4 months to gaining my trust,scammers ask for monetary help for various reasons. let you fall into the trap by saying will tell you want married with you and want a simple life. She using me to learn English and Chinese at the same time ask you information about Singapore. She started to plot saying ask u help her buy ticket want come to Singapore see her sister after that she will ask from her sister the money to pay you back .

After i help her to buy already she say can lent her 1k due to the country law to come Singapore. Luckily i never fall into the trap then she tell me her sister ask her to test me whether i am sincere a not . When she reach Singapore she started to find new target and i found out that she in Vietnam got boyfriend call Hoài Phương so i was angry and ask for break off and return the air ticket money but she deny that is not borrow is i willingly to pay for her . Her sister scold me and insult me . She block me in all contact.

After a few days i try sms her and ask for meet have a good talk but she extort me by saying buy her a chanel perfume then she will meet me . So i decided to make a police report . Some how i manage to get her current next target so call her boyfriend his name call guanshin tan he already fall into trap so i warn this guy but seems like the guy go tell her so suddenly she start to unblock me message wanted to return me the money when she know i report to police.

She fear she can’t come to Singapore anymore . Hence i hope Singapore authority will ban her from coming to Singapore to stop more people fall into this trap.She will try all way to convince you and she very smart at hidden a lot of things and she also have 2 handphone . Her favourite line is i swear if i lies tomorrow i will die. But i found out all is lies and lies. Please help to share around .

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