As a fan of online shopping, I used to pride myself in being extremely vigilant of suspicious scam sites or attempting any seemingly fraudulent online transactions. Usually making online payments only through Paypal and hardly ever revealing credit card details. Right. NEVER say NEVER.

I’m still in shock that during a recent unfortunate evening, I had lapsed in my judgement of an extremely legit looking website from the UK and let’s just say it was part of a huge scam SYNDICATE from CHINA and I’m never gonna get my money back. Bastards. ‪#‎screwyoujcappoc‬ ‪#‎criminals‬

For me, it was ( which they have since deleted ) And they have many other websites hiding behind addresses from the UK, Denmark, US, German, Australia and New Zealand. They sell all sorts of things : Pandora jewellery, Nike shoes, etc. Things that unsuspecting buyers would want. Once the money goes to a ZLT Trading Technology, Beijing, China, it can never be credited back to your account. They shut down the site swiftly and start another. And there’s NO ONE in the world who can stop them. ‪#‎isthereaworldinternetpolice‬ ?

Please learn from my unfortunate mistake and take this as a REMINDER to always check website URLs before you proceed with any monetary transaction. GAH.

These shitty websites give honest online businesses a BAD name

Melody Chen

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