Dear ASS,

To the lady who pick up my pink note4 at Tampines1 Level 3 toilet on 13 May 2016 (5.50pm to 630pm). I am very depressed that i have lost my phone, because it contains very precious photos and videos of my kids. To you, you probably gain few hundreds out of my phone. To me, i lost something that no amount of money can replace those moments.

I believe if you manage to log in to my album and browse through, you would break down into tears and probably gonna feel extremely bad for life (especially if you are a mom or if you are not a mom yet, put yourself into my shoes and you know what i meant). I have tried to call more than 100x hoping you will switch on my mobile but you didnt. My hp was turn off immediately.

I still have my box and imei number as i have the habit of keeping everything for years. I really hope you will return the pink note4 with some peppa pig princess sofia stickers pasted on my cover to Tampines1 information counter so that they can contact me to return it to me. Do think if you lose your mobile which contains precious moments of your mom dad kids boyfriend husband or even someone who had left the world, would you wish for it to be return back to you or be gone forever?

Take it that i am begging, please return the phone to me. More than 1year of memory just disappear within seconds! I truely appreciate it. Putting aside the precious photos and videos, i have lost all my contacts as well including important contacts such as my doctors, friends i made in the hospital who are not in my facebook. Some of my friends need my support daily as they or their kids are fighting for their lives now in the hospital! Imagine you are the one who needed the support and out of the blue no longer text you, how will you feel?

I dont even know if my friend can pull through the battle, i last text her yesterday and have yet to recieve any reply before losing my phone. It is not easy to get these contacts again as there are people who prefer to not link up in Social media due to personal reasons.

In life, not everything can be bought with money. There are many things which cant be replaced at all. This phone meant so much to me! Thus, i really hope you have the heart to return to me. Please!

Daphne Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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