I have been watching Tanglin (Channel 5 drama series) ever since it started and still do enjoy it. It’s refreshing to see a multi ethinc drama on television. Anyways, to cut to the chase, I’ve been very disturbed by the advertisement for the condominium, The Vales, that plays during the breaks. I do understand that these advertisements could be or are sponsors of the drama but this sponsorship was an extremely poor choice.

Firstly the entire advertisement is in Mandarin (the irony). Why would the advertisement be in Mandarin? And why play a Mandarin advertisement on an English Channel? I do understand that Chinese make up the majority in Singapore. But to create an advertisement entirely in Mandarin, especially for a housing ad is just downright discriminatory. Is the vision of the landowners to create a Chinese only environment? That’s the only reason I could think of to be honest.

I have never come across a Mandarin condominium advertisement that has been played on Channel 5. It’s a widely known fact that we have four major races in Singapore. It’s clearly displayed in the drama, Tanglin. Hence why would Mediacorp even agree to air this? I am completely disgusted with Mediacorp for committing to air this poorly shot advertisement. Where is the sensitivity? I have shared my opinion with them on their Facebook page as well. They have yet to get back with a reason. I hope they quit airing this advertisement soon.

It’s stupidity on both their parts. Extremely disappointed.

A.S.S. Contributor

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