This recent photo is taken at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic B1A, Medical Centre.

While every doctors and staff nurses are busy with their work and diligently serving the patients, this Pinoy cashier is happily shaking her legs and surfing the internet (personal and non-job-related – surfing cars advertisement) while at work.

To hire a Pinoy staff under S-pass, this will mean her monthly fixed monthly salary will be at least $2,200. Just wondering why Tan Tock Seng hospital cannot hire a local staff to do this Cashier job at $2,200 monthly instead?

This S-pass holder who is either a Degree or Diploma can be better deployed to do other more skilled-job within the hospital. TTSH should better utilize its manpower resources which is crucial to the hospital to operate efficiently.

TTSH has issued a formal letter of warning to Roy Ngerng when he was discovered to be misusing its resources “to pursue personal and non-job-related interests”.

So now, wondering how TTSH will handle this Pinoy’s cashier misconduct case?

Curious Guy
A.S.S. Contributor

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