Dear Editor,

I’m still in pain and grieving while telling you my grievance but I feel it’s a necessity to let everyone know what kind of values our society is under especially towards the downtrodden and poor who are viewed with disdain in our money minded society.

My late father who just passed away on Monday at CGH, had sustained serious internal injuries after a traffic accident while crossing the road at Eunos Crescent on Sunday. To rub salt in my wounds after the cremation of my late father yesterday, Comfort DelGro through ULA offered to pay me 10,000 in exchange for a rapid closure to this small case. They furthermore claimed
it’s my late father’s fault for causing his own premature death as he’d failed to exercise diligence while crossing the road partly due to his dementia. When I asked to view the footage on the taxi camera, they flatly rejected my request as I’d argued that the injuries on my late father is consistent with reckless speeding of the taxi on that small lane.

I feel very insulted hearing the “offer” and wondered if poor people’s lives are worth a mere 10k? How about the lives of PAP ministers who indirectly run Comfort or even LKY himself? What are their worth and how is it determined? As you already know, it’s never easy to qualify for either “Legal Aid” or the almost non-existent “Financial Assistance” here even for straight forward cases.

It’s truly the fault of unrepentant Singaporeans who caused society’s deterioration to this level and the ultimate reduction of a person’s self worth to only economic digits. If this is the beginning of the path post GE 2015 that the PAP government is taking us on, I do not know what to expect in coming years!

May the LORD have mercy on our greedy souls!

Andy Goh
A.S.S. Contributor

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