Dear Editors,

Phone Repair Shop Destroys iPhone Instead. BEWARE OF THIS MOBILE PHONE SHOP IN TOA PAYOH. I was having some problems with my iPhone – the screen was stuck at the apple logo. So on 12/5/16 at 9am, I visited a shop called ’66 Connexion’ at Block 190 Toa Payoh Lor 6 #01-558.

At first, I was looking for an external battery charger for a spare sony ericsson phone that I had. However, the shop did not sell the battery that I needed, and the charger that they had did not work on the battery in my spare phone. So I decided to ask the guy (called JK Ng) in the shop to repair my iPhone. He claimed that he would fix the phone for me. He kept persuading me to leave my phone with him and come back after my work to collect it.

I then left, but I returned less than 10 minutes later because I decided that I wanted to let him repair it after I ended work instead. He kept telling me to come back in 30 minutes because he had stuff to do. He didn’t allow me to take my phone back, claiming that he already changed his own battery inside my iphone. But it was weird and shady because I only left for 10 min and I was very nearby, I didn’t see him touch my phone at all, which was left at the cash register when I left. That means it supposedly took him much less than 10 min to take out my battery, hide my battery in the storeroom , then put my phone back together. But he kept insisting that he changed the battery.

I let him open the phone. The battery was tightly stuck to the phone as it was the original battery. He scolded vulgarities at me the entire time while forcefully using a screwdriver to take out my battery. This damaged the entire battery and it looked visibly crumpled. He then went into his storeroom to bring out another battery that probably wasn’t working because my phone couldn’t start up at all. Before he started changing the batteries i could still see the apple logo. After he changed it , i couldnt even turn on the screen and he kept telling me that i just needed to charge it which wasnt true cause my battery was definitely full last night

While he was changing the battery I saw him poke at something on my phone. I only found out that he poked a hole and spoilt my lcd screen and front camera after having my phone checked by somebody who actually knows how to repair phones. After he put his battery in, he didn’t demonstrate to me that the phone was working. I tried to turn it on myself but it didn’t work. He then told me that my phone is fixed and asked me to leave his shop.

It seemed like he only changed my phone’s battery as an excuse to damage my phone further and also to change my battery (for whatever reason) which was working fine in the first place.

A.S.S. Contributor

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