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After news broke that Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat had suffered a stroke and collapsed during a Cabinet Meeting, Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam shared that Heng had been overworking due to his incredible workload helming the Finance Ministry and other important projects.

On Minister Shanmugam’s Facebook was a presumably Opposition supporter Raymond Tan who asked “If Heng Swee Keat dies, will there be a by election. Just curious”.

Responding to what he deemed a highly inappropriate statement, K Shanmugam gave the netizen a smackdown and called him being without compassion and someone who did know know between right and wrong.

Shanmugam replied: “Raymond tan, i don’t know what sort of person you are. Have no sense of compassion and what is right and what is wrong ? To ask about whether there will be by-election in the circumstances you mention (I can’t even bring myself to repeat your words?) Are these words people will even use? Do you not think about his wife and children? I feel sick.”

Not to be cowed by Shanmugam’s strong choice of words, Raymond Tan responded with a few smart replies of his own which angered fellow Singaporeans. He said:

“Well u cant deny there is such a possibility right? Be rational. Why shd u be so emotional?”

“All of u are too emotional. Lol”

“U guys are just afraid to face the possibility that he may die. Escapist mindset.”

“A bunch of wayang bootlicking clowns.”

Just before Raymond signed off, he exited with a splash and hinted he would be celebrating should Heng Swee Keat die. “Good night. I am preparing my champagne”

If this is the standard of Opposition politics, this is the true Gutter Politics. Post this if you are a fair ASS.

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