Dear friends,

I lost my phone yesterday, and am hoping to look for my lost phone through social media, as it contains all my kids’ memories within the year. Appreciate if you can help to share my post so that it can reach as many parents as possible. Thank you in advance. (Sorry for the long post)

I lost my iphone 6 at the Westgate Level 4 nursing room (next to the Wonderland) around 1.30-1.40pm on 11 May 2016. I left it on the nursing room chair, and took the escalator down. I realised that I forgot my phone while on the escalator down. Within a short span of few minutes (walking to escalator, going down by one level, and going back up), my phone is taken by another parent(s) and immediately switched off.

To the parent(s) who pick up my iphone 6: To you, it is a gain of few hundred dollars. To me, the lost cannot be measured in monetary sense, as it contains all the memories of my girl and twinnie boys since birth to now. I admit that i’m not diligent in backing up my data, that’s why not a single photo was backed up. It contains all the precious memories of my boys, all the first time I saw them achieve their development milestones (first flip, first sit up, first crawl, first step, first time calling “mama”).

I’m a full time working mum, and did not get to enjoy the thrill of first discovering them achieving their milestones. However, I took the photos/videos of them doing it as memories. These photos/videos may mean nothing at all to others, but to me it means the world to me. These are what fueled me going everyday, when I’m away from my kids and working.

As a fellow parent, I hope you can feel my pain in the lost. As a fellow parent, I hope you can understand the pain in losing all the precious memories, memories that I cannot rewind and retake again. I am appealing to you, as a desperate mum, to return the iphone 6 back to the Westgate Concierge, so that they can contact me to get back my memories. Please…..

A heartbroken mum

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