Dear ASS,

i just took a tigerair flight back from bali which was delayed more than 6 hours and and they are claiming flat out that it is less than 6 hours even though there is proof of this. i’m unable to claim insurance becos of this since they are refusing to write a letter of documentation to my insurance

the point is not about the money = only about 100$. the point is that tigerair is just taking me and other people out there for a ride without being responsible for it.

my flight is TR2289. i touched down at 4.03am. the original flight time is 7pm Bali from denpasar. the flight time is only 225hrs tops which means that i took off at around 130am bali time but they claim that the flight took off at 1210am bali time tigerair claims therefore flight delay only 5 hour 10 mins when in fact, it’s 130am – 7pm= 630hrs delay anything more than 6 hours delay; i can then claim insurance sending over my boarding pass

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