Dear ASS,

Went to visit a friend of mine at Ng Teng Fong Hospital and was in my car. After switching on my car and was abt to charge my handphone before going off when suddenly this guy knock on my car door.

When I asked him if there is anything he then asked me to switch off my engine assuming that Im in the car enjoying the aircon. He claimed himself to be NEA officer but failed to show me any identification.

Started to take photo of my car claiming gonna issue me with a summon. But all I see at his van is registered under L THOMSON HEALTHCARE IND. And so he said the moment I start my car I would have to move.

Dunno which law hes referring to. And the best part is when I called the Company to do a complaint it seems hes e boss and say he knows who I am as e caller. Hhmmm…so is he trying to impersonate as an NEA Officer??

Too many people very free picking up trouble nowadays or too many stress people??? Anyone knows him so that I can know what is his problem????

A.S.S. Contributor

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