Dear A.S.S,

I’m writing this concerning medical cost of a vet practice here.

We brought our dog to Doctors Beck and Stone (formally known as ARVRC-Animal Recover Veterinary Referral Centre) for his eye treatment in Jan this year. He was prescribed to continue with two eye drips, Trusopt and Ganfort costing $35 and $26 respectively.

In early Apr, we brought our dog for his eye check and again was prescribed with the two similar eye drops. But here came the shocking news. The cost has suddenly escalated within a span of 3 months to $140 (5 ml) and $120 (3 ml) for the same vol. An increased of 292% and 364% respectively. We were completely astound and speechless.

We have never doubted their professionalism and were considered our family pet doctor and has entrusted our dog to them on countless occasions. All along we have trusted their pricing without question. But the latest surged in price for the two tiny bottles of eye drops jolted us. For the first time, we were not prepared to pay for the exorbitant price tag, instead we requested for a prescription so that we can purchase at hospital pharmacy. The prescription alone cost $18 !

Eventually, we purchased similar drips at hospital pharmacy, costing $34 and $36, a huge savings of 314% and 237% respectively.

We wrote to them requesting them to enlighten us why the huge discrepancy in the price. If it was one off visit, I would not bother to seek better understanding. But they are our family pet vet. Regrettably, one month has passed and they have ignored.

Ironically, they have proudly display their “values” in their website.
#2 – We offer good value, with consistent high and unrivaled service quality. Our fees are transparent and identical for all per owners.
#8 – We respond to all inquires within 48 hrs.

Sadly, none of the values were adhere to concerning my case.
Are vet practices governed by any medical council on pricing ethics?

Dave Dave,
A.S.S Contributor

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