WEIRD CHINESE GUY STALKING ME & MY SON. Yes i have reported to the police.

Why a lot of weird things happening to me lately. After i picked my son up from infant care, we went to Tiong Bahru Plaza as he’s fussing for milk already. I hurriedly went to the nursing room right beside Kopitiam level 3 & started to nurse him. After nursing him, i took out my pump to express milk. While expressing milk, there was a knock on the nursing room door, then a man’s voice. I not too sure what did he say, but when i answered, “yes?” He walked away. I thought nothing of it, just weird to have a guy knocking & didn’t say things like “my baby need the room” or whatever, just simply walked away.

So after i was done with my stuffs. I packed up & put Z back into his pram. I wanted to go to the Popular book store to get non toxic paint for Z as i want to make a bookmark out of his handprint. When i left the nursing room, & walked out towards Popular, this guy was waiting outside the Kopitiam, near the toilet, looking at us, but yeah, I thought maybe just looking at Z or looking out for someone that suppose to come out of the toilet, etc. So we continued & i thought nothing about it. So i went to look for the non toxic paint, which sadly, Popular didn’t have, i asked the staff to help me look for it. Went on to find a nice book to write stuffs.

When i am looking at the book, flipping & everything. Suddenly this man, stood beside me, started to flip through books too. But stood very closely to me. After all it’s a bookshop. Of course people will look at the same thing as you right?? WRONG! I looked up, as i had the uneasy feeling of someone looking at me. That man that was outside looking at us right beside me! I was shocked. Just nice, the staff came over & told me they didn’t have non toxic paint, but have non toxic crayons & colour pencils, i took the crayons & thanked her, she left, & I quickly took the book i needed, & walk to another aisle.

I went to a file aisle, pretending to look at files. & there he is! Again! After that i walked to the kids’ aisle, where all the kids’ toys, books are, & he came too! Right behind Z! I took out my phone & told Z loudly, “Lets selfie & send to Daddy okay?” I took a picture of Z & the man standing directly behind Z’s pram. Then i walked away, & decided to take a video. I set on video mode, place in Z’s pram, pretending that Z is watch video & walked around. From the SS, you can see the man repeatedly looked at us, & video he was obviously following us wherever we went! Seriously creepy.

After the video ended, i announced loudly that we’re going to pay money & head home to Z. Then i went to the counter & paid for my items. I took a blur photo of him standing somewhere he can see me, pretending to read a book. I turned & told the staff that someone was following me, & told her to help me look out if the man in blue, wearing specs followed me out when i leave the shop. Which, he did! I ran to the other side where Nail Palace is, & hide behind the escalator, i saw him speed walking out of Popular & looking around, left right & then straight at me! I quickly take a step back to hide behind the escalator, but when i saw him walking towards us, i quickly walked the other direction & back to the outside of Popular. He saw me staring at him,i guess he knew that i already noticed him, & he quickly ran into the toilet area. I think there have a lift out, he might have ran away from there.

I was so scared that i was shaken badly. I reported it to the guard & they advised me what to do & i also reported to the police. They told me that maybe because i wore sleeveless that was why the man attracted to me & kept following me. I was wearing a romper for god’s sake. I kept feeling that the man have been following me all the way back home, i kept looking back. Luckily he really didn’t follow, or else. I really don’t know what i will do. The most scariest people in the world are the mad ones, they have nothing to lose.

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