WONG YENG KEONG!!! On the agreement dated 16 Jan 2016 still said will not implicate the family. So what the fuck is this? Borrowed from moneylenders and still used the address your WIFE AND CHILDREN stay. Now only know how to run away from shit you created. Your Facebook still posted until so luxurious.

Hello. Borrowed money to feed your swine is it? Where are the maintenance for your kids? No need divorce then pay. Your duty and responsibility to feed the children. Within a week, borrowed $4200 from 3 different moneylenders. And yet not a single cent for your kids allowances.

Now the 20k you owe your wife’s sister how? Before we all go up to your house. You better don’t hide behind a slut pig. Do note that Joyce and the moneylenders can lodge a police report against you for false information. I believed you signed a letter on that when you borrowed money from the moneylenders. Knnbccb. You called yourself a man?

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