Dear ASS Editor,

I refer to your article posted on 6 May 2016 at the following URL:

The article mentioned that our treatment is a scam, involved hard-sell tactics and hidden costs which is untrue and highly defamatory.

This is what actually happened during the visit by the contributor:

The lady visited us for a Fat Freezing treatment to be performed on her tummy. During consultation, one of our advisors recommended her to undergo the treatment with a larger applicator given the size of her tummy as compared to the applicator used. There might be a miscommunication between our advisor and the client on the basis of “tummy imbalance” as our advisor was only mentioning that the treatment performed with the smaller sized applicator will not yield the best results for the client and therefore, she is proposing that the treatment be performed with the larger sized applicator at additional costs. However, the client refused and decided against proceeding with the treatment at all. As we have blocked specific timing of 2 hours for each of our clients to ensure complete service satisfaction, we implemented a policy of charging a consultation fee of $80 for new patrons to prevent clients who have confirmed their visits and rejected the service during the visit. We would waive such consultation fees for clients who are unable to undergo treatments due to medical reasons or whom are unfit for the treatments.

We are a reputed aesthetics centre with a track record of delivering high customer satisfaction standards and treatment results. We are also a leading provider of fat freezing treatments with a record of proven results.

We are a company whom is very concerned with our branding and reputation on all platforms. Therefore, we would like to request to take down the unjustified article with defamatory contents which labels us as a ‘scam’ and ‘hard-selling’ based on miscommunication.

We appreciate your kind response and action by 16 May 2016 before deciding on our next course of action.

Thank you
Best Regards,
Gavin Heng
Director, Marketing

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