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I agree that SDP’s 38.8% is not such a great result for a by election, by local standards. A WP candidate would have broken the 40% barrier, I feel.

However, I would not say that Dr Chee has to step down from politics altogether. So what if he has gotten only 38.8% in a by election, and so what if it is actually his best showing after 5 tries? Can you imagine, if it had been Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Goh Meng Seng, or that ex-model from NSP? Yeah, they’d struggle to secure 33.3% or one third of the vote. Dr Chee pales in comparison to the WP, but I’d say that with this result, he shows that he has more viable a party and profile that many of the kachang putih parties out there. Even more viable than pardon me, the Chiams. Put Lina Chiam in Bukit Batok and I’d say she will not better Dr Chee’s 38.8%. This is in spite of the respect people have for Chiam See Tong, and what Dr Chee might have done to him.

So come GE 2020, Chee Soon Juan will probably find it hard to win in Bukit Batok, unless the PAP’s stock falls to 2011 levels, and he ups his ground game seriously. I also feel that he needs to confront his past head on, really put it to discussion and let the people know why he needed to do what he did, as opposed to saying he’s being “assassinated” and leaving it at that all the time.

So yes, in my book, he remains unelectable and for good reasons. But I don’t see why he should be stepping down. There are far worse opposition candidates who will unashamedly put themselves up for the running, and who cling on to their pathetic secretary generalships in their rag tag parties. Why should he not?

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