Dear ASS Editors,

I was going driving to pioneer mrt for a job wen there was a traffic police cordoned off the road coz there was a accident but I have ready half way turn in standing behind the bus. it’s already red light by then and I can’t back off.

then this TP came knocking on my vehicle saying “hey hello I ask u stop next time u stop don wan to listen to me ah.” then I told him need go that way only then he told me ” now I telling u can’t go this way reverse n go straight I told him I can’t reverse now it’s red light.

Then he got angry n pissed he said “hey hello u wat big f*** ah I telling u reverse n go” then I told him mind your words then he went behind my vehicle took my vehicle number then He said u wait long long down here then he walk away

Then I wait till they clear the road then I stop my vehicle near the busstop N went down by the. He was sitting inside his car then I knock this Windows n told him I wan speak with him he wind down then I told him r u going to apologize to me for the word u use he said no then I told him ok thx

Then I saw a big officer in a new TP car came. I went to him and I told him wat happens. He understood n told me behalf of my staff I m his supervisor I m telling sorry for him. I told him no want him apologize to me. He said ok I ask my senior to handle this he took down my particular N then I went off.

Waiting for his senior to call me then he called n talk to me he said I m sorry sit for wat happens I have confirm with my staff n yes he admit he said that word N he said his guy not around to say sorry to me he say y not I apologize in behalf of him I said no I wan him to do that n said I will wait for the result.

He behave like a gangster. Very rude. The guy in the vest. Plz this kind of police never good

Soma Pat
A.S.S. Contributor

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